Day 5: First character to go from 1st level to 20th level (or highest possible level in a given edition).

My character, Griswald, in my brother Robert’s game is the highest level character I have ever had.

Griswald is a half-elven Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User. He is 10th level cleric/10th level fighter/11th level M-U. I think it was Dragon Magazine where we read how to figure the level equivalence of multi-class characters. The divisor I recall is 1.5. Add up all the levels and divide by 1.5. That makes him 20.666… level round to 21st level equivalent. I am not sure if that applies to both those with two and three classes, but that’s how we have interpreted it.

His ability scores were mediocre. STR: 13, INT:12, WIS:14, DEX: 12, CON: 14, now 12 due to being raised twice, and CHAR: 13. I rolled 100% on the skill level for his secondary skill of bowyer/fletcher, which the DM, my brother, Robert, interpreted to mean he was so good he could make any kind of bow he wanted and develop a crossbow from scratch as it is unknown to the races in his game. He also said if I rolled 100% that he could have psionics. I told him I rolled 100 just to see his reaction, but soon fessed up.

I then have played Griswald using everything he would know based on his classes and skills, and played smart. At times it is like 007 sneaking around, and others it is like facing the Zulus at Roarke’s Drift.

I had a fifteen year hiatus in playing Griswald. Robert and I were talking on the phone one day and he had a situation that affected Griswald, the orcs he had pushed out were trying to come take him out. He wanted to let someone else play it out, but I convinced him to do it Memorial Day weekend a few years ago. We got close to making it through, but it was too big. We put that off and it took a few years to finally finish it which we did last summer. That is an epic all by itself, but is best left to another story.

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