Have you ever experienced revenge in your RPGs?

I’m not talking about characters or NPCs out for in-game revenge. This is personal, where one player does something another does not like and gets back at them in the same or a different game.

In high school, my brother, Robert, and I played in a game of AD&D. We were in the school library. A member of our group decided he wanted a Drow character, an evil Drow character, and the DM allowed it. The problem was that my brother and I had good elf characters. We did not handle it in a good way, but when our group traveled and made camp for the night, when the Drow was sleeping we killed him. Brett, the player vowed that he would kill our Boot Hill characters, because he was the GM for that. So a week or so later, at our house, when we next played Boot Hill, he made good on his word. This was the same guy who ran the high level character mentioned yesterday.

I don’t remember all the details, but the bad guy rode into town with a wagon, and whatever started the conflict,the villain won because under the tarp was a Gatling gun. It sprayed so much lead that we did not stand a chance.

As I look back on this, I see two places where this should have been handled differently.

One, the DM should have advised on an evil character running around with good characters. We were a brand new party and there was no thought to how we would work together.

Second, if we killed him in his sleep, was that really a good thing? An alignment deviation should have been in the mix.

One can argue if the morality of the good players is to kill all evil things on sight, or only after they do something harmful. The DM needs to set the tone.

I don’t recall who the DM was, but they were not very experienced.

Have you ever had this experience?

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