I’ll Never Get Out Of Debt Now

I did it. I saw that Wayne’s Books is having a sale, so I found a Dieties and Demigods with Cthulhu and Melnibone for 99.00 and bought it, the coupon lowered the price to 84.99. I went with the free shipping, so it should be he in 3 to 4 days. So there is a minuscule chance I could have it Saturday, November 1st, but more likely, Monday, November 3rd.

Once I have that book, I will have completed re-building my set of AD&D books lost to the bust water pipe so long ago.

I can’t wait to look at the art again!

I’ll post pictures of my re-built and expanded collection, when it arrives.

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6 thoughts on “I’ll Never Get Out Of Debt Now”

  1. Story of my life. My son got home from work and asked me to take a break from my Wednesday night AD&D online game. He had a late birthday present for me.
    That’s right, he had been working since this past summer to try and find me one on eBay, not even two hours since I bought one….
    Now that’s serendipity!

  2. Thanks for the purchase. My wife is the shipper, and she’s putting together the package tonight. It will actually go out tomorrow morning, and travel time is 2-3 days, but I’m predicting two. Enjoy! -W

  3. Ahh, you mean like this mint condition one right here that was in a box of 1E books and TSR modules I got at a garage sale for $12? Sorry, just had to gloat evilly…

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