Who Said A Mace Can’t Have A Little Bite To It?

Cool! A re-creation of a 15th century German mace, only $90. I _NEED_ one, right?

Way at the bottom are the specs:

Flanged mace, a German style from the early 1500’s. Eight radial flanges welded to an octagonal steel shaft with a rounded wire-wrapped grip. All steel construction, satin brushed finish. Elegantly brutal. This mace proves that weapons can be art.

length: 24 1/2″
flanges: 4″ x 1 3/8″
shaft and butt: 19″
octagonal upper: 6 1/2″
rounded lower: 12 1/2″
weight: 2 lb 2.5 oz [Interesting maces are 50 gp weight for a horseman’s mace and 100 gp weight for a footman’s mace. As per the 1e PH. Yes encumbrance is bulk AND weight.]

Flanged Mace
Flanged Mace
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