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White Star Ripe For Modification To Cover All Ranges of Science Fiction

There is an interesting discussion on White Star over on the G+ Community.

White Star is a basic framework. I agree that its presentation with a strong homage to Star Wars helps to understand how it works.

I also see that as a basic framework, it supports any variation on anything that can be considered Science Fiction. From the hardest of science fiction, to the softest and vaguest hint of SF.

I think it is the simplicity of White Star that opens up so many possibilities. With such a simple tool box, different GM’s can go in different directions and each come up with something cool, that others can also use. There is no limit.

If you are comfortable with that simplicity and like to fill in the “gaps” that you see, it is perfect.

One could easily add in comic book heroes, it would take some tweaks to abilities and more tech, but it could be done. Any book, short story, old radio serial, TV show, or movie setting can be done using White Star. Some may take more work by the GM to make it happen, barring a supplement, but it can be done. However, it won’t be long and you will have lots of material, based on the rate at which new classes and ships have hit the community.

RPG’s that try to define “everything” end up being more about the rules and having the right book or supplement, than about doing what you came to do – play.



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