YOLO – You Only Live Once, was a popular online meme a couple of years ago.

I remember someone posted their idea for that, “You Obviously Like Owls”

I couldn’t help but thinking, “You Obviously Like Owlbears.”

Yon Obstinate Large Owlbear

Yikes! Oooh! Large! Owlbear! (I am thinking of Bugs Bunny facing one of the many monsters he encountered.)

Yellowish Olive Liquid Oozes

Yucky Odorous Littered Oubliettes

Yard Of Living Oracles

Sometimes these acronym and alliteration exercises give me ideas for something to use in a game, or just a chuckle, or allow me to get these things out of my brain so I can focus on something else. Perhaps these random thoughts spur someone else to some great RPG idea.


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