Reading 5e Player's Handbook in my Hammock

Finally Started Reading 5th Edition Player’s Handbook

I finally started reading the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook I got a while back, that I first mentioned a couple days ago.

I Had a crazy buzy day following a day where I had to drive three hours, train a client all day, then drive three hours home. It was a beautiful, if a bit chilly day with sunshine. I set up my hammock and read for an hour or so after work. It was very relaxing.

I only made it to page 18, where the first race, dwarf, is discussed. I did not keep going. I was reading every word and soaking it in. there is no rush.

I was pleased that in natural light, the pages are not shiny like they are indoors in artificial light. This made the pages easier to read than  anticipated.  I found that I could read at most angles and distances that it was comfortable to hold.

So far, I like what I read. That was on Tuesday, and as I write this after my Wednesday night AD&D game, in the after midnight hours of Thursday morning, I have not read any more than the first 18 pages. There’s about 300 pages to go. This week is very busy with work, and the weekend will be busy with yard work and weeding my garden, if it isn’t raining. If it rains, I’ll definitely make time to read more. If I was not so tired I could read more. My plan is to read each page, not just blow through it. I want to read it with understanding, as I have a feeling I will play it.

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