Character Sheet in a Sheet Protector

I have mentioned using sheet protectors to cover things so you can make notes with either dry erase markers or grease pencils. I shared my Spell Slot Tracker idea, and my Troop/Horde Tracker idea.

Today, I just mention character sheets. With all the the erasing and re-writing that can occur, they can become a mess.

I developed my own way of preparing an AD&D character sheet, whether I used notebook paper and hand wrote it, or took the same format and typed it up. When it is in a sheet protector, I can make temporary notes, and only make changes that are long term or permanent after the session. For example, a level change with requisite level title, and change in mas hit points.

In the online game I play in on Wednesdays, I use the form fill-able PDF our DM gave us, so I print that out and make notes. I need to get more sheet protectors because I have been writing and erasing a bit on it.

I use a separate sheet for tracking experience points and money, since those are the things that change the most often.

As a player, I recommend that when you are a player, that you are organized and have all the information you need at your finger tips so that the game is not delayed while you fumble with papers.

As a GM, I recommend that you suggest ways for your players to be organized, even giving them examples, or mandating they use a certain form, if they are never ready. Especially with online play, there are so many other potential interruptions, by weather, family & pets, phone calls, trains [I live near the tracks], technical issues, etc. that anything to minimize difficulties and interruptions will have big dividends in the long run.


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