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AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide PDF Updated

I just got the email that the Dungeon Master’s Guide PDF was updated. Based on the email two weeks ago about the Player’s Handbook, and last week’s email about the Monster Manual PDF, I assume that means that the Dungeon Master’s Guide with the Gygax Memorial cover will be available for sale tomorrow. It is not currently available for sale at the moment, just like last week.

So what will be released to PDF? We will see the return of Chainmail, OD&D, modules, etc?

Here are what should be the valid [affiliate] links when they release the PDF for sale.




Collected Errata for all AD&D 1st Edition Re-Prints at Dragonsfoot.

Here’s an in-depth comparison of the print versions of the re-prints to some originals at The Delver’s Dungeon.

EDIT – in 2015 WotC released the PDFs for OD&D and Chainmail in 2016.

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