AD&D With A First Time DM

I have mentioned a few times on this blog that I play in a weekly Wednesday night AD&D game on Roll20. We played session 96 last week, and session 97 next week. The 2nd anniversary of the campaign will be the same week we hit session 100!

Antony, the only remaining player, besides myself, still around and active since session 1, ran his first session of AD&D. He also played a few sessions in one of my Metamorphosis Alpha Roll20 groups, before things went on hiatus after Thanksgiving.

He shares his thoughts on a YouTube video on his gaming channel, +ManicInsomniac. His channel is mostly about play throughs of computer games. It’s not my thing, but if you’re interested, there it is.

Antony joined the Roll20 game in which we are both players as a new player. I had no idea from the way he played that he had never played a table top RPG.

Similarly, when he ran his first session as a DM, had I not known it was his first session, I would never have known it. There were some Roll20 hiccups and some things that seem to come up every first session of a new campaign. He left us wanting more, and we are looking to next Sunday.

Antony was kind in saying that one of the players, he could only mean me, had been playing about as long as he has been alive. I actually think it is closer to a decade before he was born, if I recall his age correctly. lol

We gave advice on planning, etc. and he took all the advice he asked for to heart. He put a lot of time into it, and found that we did try to do the things he had not planned on, and did not do some of the things he was ready for.

Antony ran a sandbox style game. He gave us a job to start, but what we did with that job, and how we acted following the job, helped him to practice thinking on his feet.

This is what the game is about. Attract new players get them involved and show them how it can be done. Antony has stepped up to the next level or play to be a GM. It is so cool that I had a small role to play in that!

Yes – that’s his map above. What a lot of skill! I think Antony has the skill to publish his own modules and doing his own maps, if that caught his interest.

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