GaryCon Day 1

Day one of GaryCon 8. I found Jeff Easley in the dealer’s room and got him to sign my DCC book on one of the pieces he did in it. I also asked him to sign my program booklet on his blurb in it. I then repeated that as I came across different people in the book.

I then located Jim Ward, across from Jeff Easley, and he graciously signed his blurb in my program booklet. He was also kind enough to wait while I ran to my car to get things for him to sign. He was surprised at what I had, but let me drag each piece out. Metamorphosis Alpha re-print from Lulu, the MA GM screen, Gods, Demi-Gods, and Heroes, my two Dieties and Demigods with Cthulhu, Greyhawk Adventures, and Legends & Lore, and finally the 2nd edition Gamma World I bought last summer.

Lou Zocchi had the clear crystal dice, similar to my original Game Science set that a couple disappeared when I think a kid at a con accidentally got a couple of mine. Lou was kind enough to sign my program and my 50 Things To Do With A d50.

Tim Kask came by the Game Science booth and was kind enough to sign his place in my program, and his forward in my hardcopy Swords & Wizardry.

Next I got Tom Wham and Ernie Gygax to sign their blurbs in the program. On the way in yesterday, I realized that I left my copy of Awful Green Things From Outer Space with my other board games, since I keep them separate from my RPG materials. Just a matter of storage. Oh, well….

I signed up for mostly panels on things that caught my interest, and only one game for the whole weekend. I knew I’d get in on other games.

Lou Zocchi asked me to go get him a program after he signed mine, so after I took all my newly signed books to my car, I did so. While there, I got recruited to play in the Castles and Crusades Tournament, starting in ten minutes. I had never played C&C, and this was only the second RPG tournament I had ever been in. The first one was 30+ years ago at ConQuest in Kansas City, MO.

The tournament did not have a lot signed up, so we started late, between delays in finding the table and the guy who recruited me getting enough other players. It was fun, and different. I just went to long without eating, and ran out of energy, until the table side service finally showed up, and hour after I asked a server to find someone to take my order.

Next I attended the Podcast Panel, with hosts from Game School, Gaming and BS, Cube of Death, Drink Spin Run, and Dead Games Society. +Satine Phoenix was one of the 8 panelists and only woman. Afterwards in the bar, I commented to her that the ratios of women to men seemed about right, and she pointed out that it is closer to 50/50 but a lot of women have husbands and boyfriends that don’t want them to play, or do things to discourage them, like kill off their characters. She gets a lot of women players out in Hollywood. We had an interesting conversation going, but the conversation got derailed with others coming up to speak.

Satine gave a bunch of us these d20 rings, that you can wear and roll a d20. Very cool.

I then asked for a picture, since others were getting pictures. I asked her if it was OK for me to post the picture on my blog.  She said, “Sure, what’s the name of your blog, we’ll do an intro.”

Me and Satine Phoenix
Me and Satine Phoenix


It took 5 or 6 takes because she stumbled on my name and the blog name the first time, and it took a few more for her to get the blog name right. I’ll post the blooper reel after I get home. It’s multiple files, but I want it in one video.

Later in the evening after the TSR Artists Panel, I got Steve Sullivan, David “Diesel” LaForce, and Larry Elmore.

Arter the panel, I ran into +Aaron Yonda, AKA +Chad Vader, and asked him to sign my program. I had met him in the morning at the con registration area, and talked with him a bit while we waiting. Aaron said, “Randy’s here, from the web series, we’re in the game library, he’ll be glad to sign.” So I added Randy Knight, who played Empire Market’s manager. Cool!

I then got something to eat for supper just before 10:00 PM. I waited too long to eat, so I ran out of steam. It was a long day, and a good one.

I look forward to tomorrow!

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