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RPG History Project Update Dorks of Yore Patreon

Update – The RPG History Project

As I have mentioned multiple times [see below], I am a backer of the Patreon for the RPG History Project.

I got permission from Pat Kilbane to mention two dates in the latest backer update.

  1. The last of the interviews will be recorded during Gary Con in March.
  2. There will be an announcement of the film’s title in April.

It’s getting closer to the finish line, and the other two D&D documentaries are still in legal limbo. Support this Patreon and help get this one out faster!

Please consider helping Pat and crew get this film done sooner.

Pat also does other videos on various aspects of RPGs, such as how strength and hit points translate to the real world.

My Articles to Date on The RPG History Project:

Rebuilding Trust

Tim Kask – First 5 years at TSR

The Great Kingdom Mess

Patreons I Support

My posts from Gary Con last year:





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