Roll20 For The Absolute Beginner-Series

Roll20 For The Absolute Beginner No. 2 – The Player: Getting Started

I just posted the second episode of Roll20 For the Absolute Beginner – the Player: Getting Started.

My goal is to upload a new video each week. So far, this has worked out to be Friday.

The quality of this video is much better than the last, especially the audio. I find that I have a habit of long pauses as I present. I cut out the worst of the long pauses. That’s one thing about recording yourself, you quickly see all of your worst speaking habits.

Episode 3 will be The GM: Building Basic Character Sheets. It will focus on building character sheets for game systems that don’t have a built-in character sheet in Roll20.

I have lots of ideas, but haven’t settled on which will be episode 4. If you have suggestions for future videos, please include them in comments here, or better in comments on one of the videos in the series.

You can catch the playlist for the entire series here.

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