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OSR Superstar Contest – Thoughts on Why I Didn’t Win

I think primarily that in a contest of this nature, especially one in which there are so many other entries there are a few keys to getting on one of the judges’ lists.

  • Brevity. Explain your item and what it does in a couple of paragraphs. Walls of text with complex entries are a sure way to turn off the judges to looking at your entries.
  • Uniqueness. Have an entry that is unique and can be described simply and is easy to drop into the rules.
  • Catchy. It needs a catchy name or description. Something that helps explain what it is without needing to read it.
  • Rules. Write it with the designated rules in mind. Writing it for a close but not quite rule set can show and can make it clunky.

I know that two of my entries were walls of text and all of them did not get written with the target rule set from the start. I did read through all of the various S&W rules before I converted to that rule set, but it greatly hampered the effectiveness of my presentation.

The wall of text is an issue I often have in my blog posts. I get to writing and the ideas related to it just keep flowing. I have the blessing/curse of being able to see connections most others don’t, and it takes a lot of text to explain the connections.

The good news is that I cam up with some unique items that I can use in my game. Whether players find them is another thing.

OSR Superstar Initial Results Posted

Instead of the 16 who made the cut to round two, Tenkar has posted the seven who appear on two of the judges’ lists of 16 for each judge. Thirty-four more entries will be listed later. I believe he means tonight.

I did not make the list of seven, but perhaps one of my three entries made it to the other thirty-four.

If I don’t make the list, I will post the three items I submitted, and the creature I designed in anticipation.

I will then focus on wrapping up my A to Z blog posts, and then work on a submission for the One Page Dungeon Contest.