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Roll 20 On The Road

Roll20 and Google+ make a good combination for remote gaming. I play in a regular Wednesday night AD&D campaign, we his Session 63 last night. This was the second time I had to be on the road for work, and use the hotel wi-fi to get online so I could play.

Different towns, different hotel chains, different wi-fi experience. It works, it lets you get by, but it is a challenge sometimes. I could spend a lot of money for anywhere access via a national phone company, but it would be a waste of money most of the time.

The things technology allows us to do and the ease it can bring to finding a gaming group is wonderful, but the inconsistency of internet access when on the road makes it a challenge.

At least I have the option to do it, even if I had to juggle my schedule so that I am in a motel so I can play, instead of travelling on game night. It’s not that big a stretch, I’m not driving until 2 or 3 in the morning to get home. It’s not worth it. I tried sleeping and driving once, I don’t recommend it. I’m also trying to get completely over being sick, not relapse.


Technical Difficulties Resolved

I realized a few days ago that the ability to comment on my blog was not working.

I verified that comments were on, and I get plenty of auto-generated spam comments. I have all comments moderated.

I figured out the issue, I had installed a plugin, Gigya a while back and it isn’t compatible with the current version of my blogging software. I have disabled Gigya and now you can comment on my blog, if you wish.

Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties – This image brings back memories of childhood.