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Galavant – A Quick Note

I finally finished the last two episodes of Galavant season one last night on Hulu.

It is an interesting story, with some entertaining songs. It pokes fun at heroic knights and the fantasy genre.

I find it witty, objectionable, crude, and utterly fun.

There are plot twists, plot complications, and nothing seems to go right for the good guys or the bad guys.

It sets the story in the 13th century, but with 16th century pirates, so it is utterly believable. 😉

They poke fun at dying young after having 15 children so one might live, or poisoning the rulers to end peasant suffering. Some topics their songs cover will cross a line for some people. Those who don’t know it is a farcical, satirical, musical comedy with no sense of humor won’t like it. Most gamers and most teenage boys whether they game or not, should like it. If there are enough other people that like that sort of thing, there might be a season 2. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope there is more.

There are a few ideas in there for a few game sessions, depending on the kind of game or campaign you run. After the DCC sessions I played this past weekend, it would be perfect fodder for that particular group.