Day 3: First dungeon you explored as a PC or ran as a DM.

The dungeon was something ran by my brother, Robert, as DM. I don’t recall if I had a halfling or what for a character. I don’t remember much other than lots of looking at rules and trying to make sense out of what we were supposed to do. We had fun or we would not have kept at it all these years.
I did not DM/GM much. I remember two instances, one I forgot a major piece of information the players needed at the start, and when I realized I missed giving it to them, it gave away the secret when I had to give it to them, big learning experience!

The other learning is the party had 6 or 7 people in it. We had a habit of starting new parties in taverns and usually had a bar fight. I was hoping for a meeting in a tavern and no fight. The players did not have a fight, but rather than go along with the meeting, they each left town heading a separate direction. I suspect I was the butt of a joke on that one, but I did not have the skill as a DM to get the party together to even start the adventure. I gave up in frustration. I don’t remember what we did after I called it off.

I seemed to do better GMing Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World.

No that I have DM’d with my sons, not sure I’d want to play another game. It takes a lot to prepare for one game, let alone re-build lost materials for other games.


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