Rule of 9’s

Way back when I was a volunteer firefighter/EMT.

During EMT training we learned about the “Rule of 9’s” that is used for estimating the percentage of body area that is burned. For an adult, the head is 9% each arm is 9%, the front of the torso is 18% and that back 18%, each leg is 18% and finally, the groin is 1%. One of my classmates said, “Nuh-uh! That’s 100%!!”.

I have wondered what utility this could be for use in RPG’s. It could be used for surface area hit by burning oil, acid, dragon breath, etc. However, would it be useful in to hit tables? I don’t want a totally realistic combat system, that would take forever for a single one on one fight.

I can see it used for a critical hits/fumbles table. I am not a math whiz and the best at designing such things, but it is an idea I wanted to write down for future exploration, and to get the idea out there in case someone else might be interested.

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