Day 4: First dragon you slew (or some other powerful monster).

I don’t specifically recall my first powerful monster.

I did have a character, Griswald, meet a youngish dragon and nearly killed it, but it still had enough hit points to fly away and shout “Revenge!” as it flew away. The dragon’s name was Voriax (sp?). I always want to say, Vermithrax, but the is the name of the dragon from the movie “Dragon Slayer.”

My plans were to hunt it down and kill it. However, a party of adventurers found it years later and slew it, because there was always some other more pressing matter requiring immediate attention.

Griswald did encounter a wolfwere hit only by magic weapons. He was traveling with a group of NPCs and he had the only magic weapon, a +1 spear. He killed it single-handedly. When the group reached their destination of safety, the group snuck his shield away in the night and had a wolf’s head device with a field of one side black the other side gray with a wolf’s head the half-black/half-gray side opposite the field, and the wolf’s eyes are red. With his exploits he soon became known as “The Wolf” and he accomplished a lot with just the swollen truth of his rumored exploits. He had just enough real exploits to back up many of the rumors, so in a pinch he could make real the fears of those opposing him. Sometimes he fell flat, but he is a blast to play and has jumped out of the fire in the nick of time many times.

Below is the image Robert drew. I colored it partly with colored pencil and partly using computer tools. I have a better finished image somewhere. At least this gives you an idea.

[EDIT] – I found the “better” image I was thinking of, it is below on the right with the solid black, bright red eyes and “speckled” gray.

Griswald's personal shield device.
   Griswald’s personal shield device.

Griswald's Personal Device

Griswald’s Personal Device


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