List of Those Signed up for the April, 2014 A to Z blogging challenge

I have been following along and adding to my list as I check back every day to review and see if anyone has joined the list from the RPG Blog community.

It is easy to search for the (GA) gaming tag, but some have not used the tag, and you can’t change the way you have signed up once you sign up for the challenge, since it is automated and uses a third party tool that does not allow for edits. I did find one that used the (GA) tag, but is about computer games, so I don’t have it on my list below.

Anyone who signed up without the (GA) tag, I have come back each day to look through them and if a blog name sounds like it might be an RPG blog I go look at it. It is still possible that I missed one. If I missed you, please let me know your sign-up number for the challenge, and I will add you to the list. With 2,000+ blogs in the challenge and growing, I won’t have time to look at all of them, so I will focus on the RPG blogs.

I have all 26 of my RPG blog posts done, so can devote my time to reading the RPG posts of others.

I added a widget on the right of just the A to Z Challenge RPG Blogs so you don’t have to come to this post for the list.

RPG blogs signed up for the April, 2014 A t X challenge:

  1. 139. The Dwarven Stronghold
  2. 181. d20 Dark Ages (GA)
  3. 296. The Open Hearth (GA)
  4. 341. Tower of the Archmage (GA)
  5. 499. Follow Me, And Die! (GA) (That’s me :D)
  6. 519. Another Caffeinated Day — d100 cups of coffee
  7. 678. Stacking Limits-(GA)
  8. 691. Cirsova (GA)
  9. 702. The Other Side (GA) Tim is also the A to Z Challenge Ambassador
  10. 708. Cross Planes
  11. 985. Start My Quest (GA) – gamify life
  12. 1067. Lloyd of Gamebooks (GA)
  13. 1332. Halls of the Nephilim (GA)
  14. 1540. Keith Davies — In My Campaign (GA) [NOTE: I can’t leave a comment on his site, I get a 403 error, and his contact page uses the same format.]
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