Day 23 W is for War

April 26, 2014
April 26, 2014

War is a common theme in fantasy and science fiction. In the realm of RPG’s there are various ways that wars play into things.

  • Wars as a part of the back story/history of the current situation in the campaign. This can be just a quick mention, or be more elaborate depending on the GM.
  • Wars as part of rumors and news of faraway places the players may not or will never go.
  • Wars as part of infighting between bad guys. The players may or may not learn of this. If they do learn of it, they may choose to stay out of it, or get involved to make sure the least bad one wins; and then go after the now weakened bad guy.
  • Wars as something the players are involved in. This can take several forms:
    • The players elect to join in and help the side they favor.
    • The players have stirred up the bad guys to the point of war.
      • This can happen in a way that the players may not know it is coming, and not be available to help.
    • The players have caused some sort of diplomatic incident and started a war.
      • Again, the players may not know about this, or they may find themselves in deep trouble if they can’t avert it.
    • The players decide to go off to where there is a war or fighting they have heard about and get involved on the side of the “good guys”.
      • The “good guys” may or may not really be “good guys”. This can make for interesting role playing.


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