Riffs On The Acronym D&D

Here’s another alliteration post with a specific bent.

Dingoes & Didgeridoos

Ducks & Duckponds (That’s a daffy idea….)

Djinnis & Deserts (I wish there wasn’t so much sand!)

Debutantes & Desserts (Sweet topic, perhaps a bit salacious.)

Dithering & Digressing (This describes most parties trying to make a decision….)

Detectives & Deductions (As opposed to Investigators & Investigations.)

Dynamos & Dynamite (That’s a powerful combination. That’s a bad pun if you know the Greek root word….)

Dead & [Un]Dead (Yes, I cheated, it’s an exercise in creativity. How well can you do without a Thesaurus?)

Death & Damnation (Adventure in the afterlife? Sounds too hot for my taste.)

I got interrupted several times on one more that I thought would be cool, and the interruptions came just as I had the idea and before I could make a note of it. If I can remember what it was, I’ll add it. Since the string of interruptions won’t stop, I’ll call this enough….


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