Phuktal Monastery

Map Request (Challenge)

On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, I posted on my G+ page a desire for the OSR mapmakers to map the Phuktal Monastery.

This picture so captured my imagination that I immediately started wishing I had a cool map and thought how and where I could work this into my campaign.

I shared the image and wrote on my G+ page:

I’d love to see how many of the OSR mapmakers interpret this. +Dyson Logos +matt jackson +Simon Forster +MonkeyBlood Design +Michael Prescott et. al.

This does remind me of a map by Dyson, but I am not placing it at the moment.

I have some ideas and am thinking where I would put this in my campaign.

+Dyson Logos went all “challenge accepted” and started drawing this.

He then posted an update.

Then, he posted a rough scan of a floor plan for a multi-level series of maps.

Next, he shared a more detailed update.

I was not expecting the immediacy with which Dyson dove in the day after my post. I must have caught him at the right time. I was not a member of his Patreon, so I decided to do my small part. I see that members of his Patreon can suggest maps, so I think it fitting that I signed up. I only wish I could afford more and sign up for all the cool map makers at the same time. Perhaps, I can give a month or two here and there to each one.

I am excited to see the conclusion of this map. I have enjoyed Dyson’s many maps and his latest megadungeon effort. I think it is cool that I am a member of the Tenkar’s Landing Crowdsourced Sandbox Setting that resulted in the island and is now moving on to designing the town of Tenkar’s Landing. Dyson drew the town back a year or two, but from what was posted the other day, he is drawing a bigger town for that effort. I have been so busy with changes at work, a convention, and preparing for my efforts at the 2015 April A to Z Blogging Challenge, that I have not had any ideas come to mind for the town.

Thanks Dyson! Very Cool!

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