Dungeon Desk Pad Arrived

My Dungeon Desk Pad order from the Kickstarter arrived. I ordered the base U.S. 3 pad order. It included two sheets of different sized hex sticker sheets that were part of a stretch goal. There are also some coupon with codes to save on Oubliette #9 and another for any Squarehex product. Oubliette #9 can be free with a Squarehex purchase. I’m not sharing the code, as they are for backers of the Kickstarter. The Squarehex coupon points out that another Kickstarter is coming in May.

The paper itself is quite heavy, there were three levels of stretch goals for heavier paper.

My box was a bit dinged and one corner of all three pads had a wrinkle, but it isn’t anything I am concerned about. The pads are still serviceable and will do what I need.

I did notice that the tear off is at the bottom. I don’t know if that is an American vs. European thing, creator’s preference, or a goof. I did not unwrap the other two pads. These pads are a bit bigger than two letter sized sheets of paper side by side.

I took a picture of this pad on top of one of the quad ruled desk pads I ordered last month. Of course, quad ruled desk pads got me started on this.

Now to put these pads, and my other recent pad purchases to use!

01-CAM00697 02-CAM00698 03-CAM00699 04-CAM00700 05-CAM00701 06-CAM00702 08-CAM00703 09-CAM00704 10-CAM00705 11-CAM00706 12-CAM00707

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