Free RPG Day 2015 - Kalamazoo

Free RPG Day 2015 – Preview

Tomorrow is Free RPG Day, and I will be in attendance at my FLGS, Fanfare Sports & Entertainment. [This is their new website.]

From the official announcement by +Roy Snyder.

Along with the immortalized +Doug Kovacs; +Adam Muszkiewicz  of +Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad &  +Drink Spin Run – An RPG Talk Show Podcast we bring that special blend of original 1974 gaming to Kalamazoo… “Yes! There Really Is a Kalamazoo!” home of Marmalade Dog – Over 20 years of con gaming at Western Michigan University.

I met Adam at Marmalade Dog 20, I had read his blog, and we both gushed about how much we liked Delving Deeper. I played in two sessions of Adam’s Kickassistan, which was my introduction to DCC. I had a blast. I also interacted with Roy Snyder as a player in those sessions, and am now in Roy’s semi-irregular DCC game.

I am looking forward to more DCC!

Sunday’s post will be a write-up of what we did for the day.

Here’s an image of the cool poster for the event! See the official announcement mentioned above, for a link to the PDF.

Free RPG Day 2015 - Kalamazoo
Free RPG Day 2015 – Kalamazoo
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