Free RPG Day 2015 - Kalamazoo

Free RPG Day 2015

Free RPG Day, 2015 in Kalamazoo, Michigan at Fanfare Sports & Entertainment.

We had three co-GM’s: +Doug Kovacs one of the artists for DCC and other Goodman Games products; +Adam Muszkiewicz  of +Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad &  +Drink Spin Run – An RPG Talk Show Podcast, one observer – Adam’s wife Katie (She didn’t to play today. It was something about being in the last trimester of pregnancy and the inside of her ribs being used for kickboxing practice.), and +Roy Snyder and 6 players. {See here for Roy’s write up.]

I was expecting more players. the only other game as part of Free RPG Day was D&D Attack Wing. they had one demo game going when I got there. I wasn’t paying too close of attention. I am not sure if they did one or two other demos. Their last demo closed out the store with us.

It was interesting to see the three GM’s trade off and take turns with different parts of the adventure, each working their own particular twist into it.

Play was scheduled to start at 1:00. We played until about 3:30 PM for a food break, and had a few different groups we broke into to go to different places. After we got back from eating, we resumed play until finishing right before 8:00 PM.

We had some cool freebies. Afterwards, Adam and his wife, Katie, Doug, Roy, and I went to Louie’s Trophy House and Grill. Several taxidermied animals, either heads hanging on the wall or free standing full body animals. We went until a bit after 1:00 AM. They have $1 off local drafts on Saturdays, which was cool. We had a Garbage Pizza which is really good. My son has been there, which didn’t surprise me. He is a beer snob. We may go there sometime.

I was good to see Adam again and play with him as a GM, and meet his wife, Katie. I enjoyed meeting Doug, playing in his game, and getting to know him. He had an interesting idea for DCC, called “Fleeting Luck”, that he said they used at NTRPG Con. The GM would award luck for various things, but if it was fleeting, any time someone rolled a natural 20 or healed, the GM collected all the fleeting luck. Bad puns and jokes earned fleeting luck. I earned 2 and lost each of them in the same round because my initiative was after both most of the other players and the monsters we faced. One player rolled a LOT of 20’s, so I don’t think anyone got to use their fleeting luck. Their might have been one, maybe two, I don’t recall.

The GM’s setting up and smiling, that’s a good thing, right?
Our lovely product model Roy, showing off the mysterious Super Prize and the Other Super Prize.
Fleeting Luck token.
Other side of a fleeting luck token. They could be converted to +1 luck and the GM couldn’t take it back. One player managed this.
If you’ve ever seen Adam run a game, you know he had to use his hands, a lot!
Roy and Doug smiling at what Adam is setting us up for…. (Is that enough prepositions at the end to negate that rule?)
Things just got serious, you can’t see Adam’s hands.
I got one of these posters, which Doug and Adam signed.
Some of us took a beer cozy.
I got this poster for being the first of the first levels to die. We had a choice between 1 first level and three 0 level characters. Doug was kind enough to sign both sides!
Here is the other side of mt signed poster.
Of course, I also got my Free RPG Day Screen! Doug also graciously signed it!


Our server was kind enough to take a picture of us. My bald head shows up well, but I failed my illumination check to help light up the others.
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4 thoughts on “Free RPG Day 2015”

  1. Great write up Larry! Thanks so much for posting all the pics too, thanks to you we have more than I could provide – I need a new iPhone here soon lol. Along with the day long attack wing, the other demo game you mentioned was the 3rd pathfinder goblins module, which was ran in an am & pm session by a local GM Nikki. I also updated my post you linked ( thanks man! ) with an explanation on the player count spread to 2 other groups both about an hour away. :-)

  2. Roy, I was glad to do it! It was a lot of fun! Thanks to you, Doug, and Adam it was a great game!

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