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The Graveyard At Lus – Review

+Jason Paul McCartan, AKA The Badger, and editor/layout guru for White Star, has a new supplement for it – The Graveyard at Lus, just $4.99.

This interesting supplement is a way to generate an area of space that is a spaceship graveyard due to combat.

Developing the graveyard can be as simple as rolling up opposing forces and determining winners, etc. and which ships were left behind, due to being disabled or destroyed.

Degrees of damage and destruction can be determined and potential survivors or the presence of other scavengers, or the arrival of various others.

This booklet reads like the combat ended not long ago, and looters, rescue teams and others are just now showing up. It is a trivial matter to come up with an age of the graveyard, resent or years, decades, centuries, millenia, or eons old.

What I liked:

  • If you buy the PDF and want the POD, when it is available, the cost of the PDF is knocked off the top!
  • I like this idea. It is a simple plug and play add on that the GM can use in whole or in part. Ideas and options are presented that I had not thought of, and I like that!
    • I like things that get me to coming up with my own ideas.
  • He presents two options for combat, cinematic and realistic, depending on how much time you have or how much crunch you want in it. This idea of a mini game is quite interesting. (For example, I could get out my copy of Imperium and use the chits for ships to keep track of it all.)
  • I assume by app he means something for a cellphone or tablet, and not a webapp, but that isn’t clear. An app to do all this generation is in the works.
  • New races, new creatures, and some tweaks to existing races from White Star.
  • This idea of a ship graveyard could easily be applied to an aquatic navy, or even a battlefield. This would cross genres from ancient to modern, from steam punk to fantasy.
  • The final section is running the scenario to build the Graveyard at Lus for your own use. The reader is walked through how to do it.

What I didn’t like:

  • A few typos, grammar, spelling errors and an awkward sentence that slowed me down while I figured it out. I am sure if I put something like this together I would have the same issue. A reminder for us all to get another set of eyes on these things. I probably didn’t catch all of them in this post.
  • I can’t think of anything else I didn’t like, other than, I wish I’d thought of this!
  • I don’t have time to step through this right now.

What I’d like to see:

  • A few pages of the collected tables in one place with reference back to the page numbers of details. There are several steps involved in this method, and having all the tables in one location would speed things up.
    • It is easy enough withe the PDF to make your own collected tables.
  • A page or two in the PDF with chits with his proposed ship outlines that we could print out. I’d be good with just outlines that I could color in by hand, since I don’t use a color printer. Those who can afford colored ink may want them in full color.
  • Why is there a graveyard here? War, border skirmish, race to control a resource, such as a strategic planet, alien artifact, natural jump gate, etc.
  • Other reasons for there to be a graveyard besides combat. Ancient technology, mysterious space anomaly, etc.

I can see using this at my table for more than just White Star.



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3 thoughts on “The Graveyard At Lus – Review”

  1. Thanks for the purchase and review!

    I decided not to put the tables in again at the back because the product is so small and the majority of the tables are so close together and clustered when using it that there’s no real need. It just takes up page count. The digital version is meant to have bookmarks for all of the tables, but I didn’t get them in for this release. They’re coming.

    The product is going to be further supported by free expansion material that provides new options for races, creatures, tables etc that includes some of the things you talk about such as other reasons for why the graveyard is there. The focus on this product was meant to be specific and was to create a conflict-based graveyard. It’s tightly focused in that regard, but a lot of room is left for Referees to expand things.

    All of the silhouettes for various race starships are planned to be available as a free download to allow you to make your own tokens if you want. That’s coming in the first expansion, which will be out in a week or two.

    The app that’s mentioned is deliberately vague because I’m still working out details. Right now the plan is to create a web app for browsers (including mobile) but I also plan to create dedicated apps for tablets and smart devices. This app, on multiple platforms, will include Graveyard generation, as well event tables, and many more useful features including such things as combat tracking for starships. This means that starships that are generated in the Graveyard can be automatically prepopulated into the combat tracker with their damage already listed allowing you to just pick up things and run with it.

    I spent the past few days doing nothing else but finishing this while dealing with a number of family and personal issues, so I apologize for any glitches. They’re going to be taken out this weekend when I update the product with fixes, including corrections to the layers for the Lus map and the bookmarks for the tables.

  2. Thanks for the behind the scenes reveal. That clarifies a lot.
    I hope all goes well on the home front, and I look forward to the update!

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