Wednesday Night AD&D on Roll20- Session Write Ups

John, the DM of the Wednesday night AD&D game I play in on Roll20 has added the first of the players session write-ups with DM commentary.

As the player who wrote the first session, I am surprised that my writing reads so well. I edited as I wrote to make sure it was clear. A later player wrote in a journal style, so some of us tried that. It made for an interesting dynamic that affected the story down the line. No spoilers, but it will be fun when we finally get there on John’s blog.

But most of all I enjoy the way John sets the scene and how the DM interjections fill in the rest of the world on the stuff behind the scenes.

We just finished session 73 last night, so he’s got a long way to go….

John is detailing his process for creating his campaign on his blog. I find it quite interesting as one who likes AD&D and the sandbox style of play. John has put a great deal of thought into his campaign and it shows. With John’s well thought out world and player buy in, I am confident that we could suddenly change directions and go do something unexpected, and John could handle it.

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