White Star Came Yesterday

My hardcover and softcover copies of White Star came in the mail yesterday. I had time to take the pictures, but not time to write this blog post until today.


For some reason, I imagined that the books were bigger from the other pictures. Then I realized they did not show scale.

Here are some pictures for scale with Delving Deeper, the White Box Omnibus, and the 1st edition Monster Manual II. My White Box Omnibus softcover is about 1/8″ taller than my White Star soft cover.

A better representation of scale.
At this angle the WBO is hiding the hard cover.


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5 thoughts on “White Star Came Yesterday”

  1. How’s the printing on the inside? I just got my copy and the dark grey alternative rules boxes are really hard to read. Plus there seems to be a very streaky quality to a lot of the graphics but that may just be the way its designed.

  2. The softcover seems to be printed better than the hardcover. I can read both, but in the hardcover, I do see how some boxes could be hard to read in a certain light. I have streaking on the edges of the pages where it has the section headings, but not consistently. This does not match what is in the softcover, so I think there is an issue with the hardcover. I’m debating whether it is serious enough or bothers me enough to contact OBS about the hard cover.

  3. Cool. Thanks. I will probably contact them about the issue and see if they offer a refund or a corrected copy. Lulu recently sent me a copy of Dark Albion with some binding issues and they replaced it with no hassles.

  4. I contacted RPGNow at 9am this morning. They responded quickly and asked for some basic info as well as pictures of the issues. They gave me the option of a replacement or store credit. Since the book is still usable I went with the credit. I checked my account and the credit is there. All of this done within 2 hours on a Saturday. Fantastic customer service! My book also had some minor spine/binding issues so I also included those photos. Hope your experience will be a good as mine was. Im very impressed with their company.

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