Quatloo Lottery

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I haven’t posted here in almost two months due to life. On top of the busyness of the holidays, December and January are the busiest months when you support payroll and accounting software.

I’m still gaming in the Wednesday night AD&D game on Roll20. We just hit session 91! Soon will celebrate the second anniversary of the campaign.

My other gaming endeavors have ground to a halt, other than jumping on a few Kickstarters after I decided no more Kickstarters until I get other ones fulfilled….

So this morning in the shower, I had an idea for a meme about the billion dollar Monopoly money lottery, but then I recalled how I often mention Quatloos, so then I had it.

Feel free to share, I’ll make good on this, the billion quatloos are in your bank as you read this!

Quatloo Lottery
Quatloo Lottery
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