Article on Largest Funded Kickstarter in Europe – AND It Failed

I just read an interesting article on the largest funded Kickstarter in Europe. It also failed as the company over promised, and under delivered, and has now filed bankruptcy. It is for the Zano a palm-sized drone.

Especially interesting is the section towards the end of the article that take Kickstarter to task on being a better platform for weeding out the dubious and helping the over funded to be a success. Best of all, Kickstarter paid for this article, and did not have the option to suggest changes. They only got to see it before it was published.

I find this interesting based on the RPG/OSR experience with some well known bad Kickstarters, several by the same individual.

At the end of the article is a TL/DR section with the main points. The author defends the great detail as a service to those who lost money on the never delivered product.

Anyone interested in running their own Kickstarter or other crowd funding drive can learn a lot from this article.

Thanks to +Chgowiz for his G+ post on this article.

+Tenkar may find this of interest in his ongoing reviews of Kickstarters as they affect the OSR.

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