UCon 2016

Getting Ready for UCon 2016

I  just submitted four OSR track games to run at UCon in November.

Two are written and I could run right now, but I hope to play test at the local game store, and eventually the other two, when they are ready.

One is an idea I’ve had for a while, but needs fleshing out.

The fourth is a very loose idea that still needs work.

I am looking forward to this! I haven’t ran a game since Marmalade Dog in February.  I’m in two Roll20 AD&D games, but not running anything at the moment.

I’m forcing order on my life, now that some of the unexpected chaos has settled. This will force me to work on running something either at the FLGS or online.

Here are the systems and the blurbs for the catalog.

Quest for ARLOK3 [Still in the works]

It has long been a right of passage of the tribe/village for those who have come of age to make the journey to ARLOK3. Those who return are welcomed as fit adults and future leaders of the village.

I have interest for Roll20 play testers for MA. If you are interested, drop me a line. This is one that I still have to work on, so if you’re interested, I’ll let you know when I’m ready.

The Kiel Experiment [Ready – needs polish/playtesting]

German scientists in conjunction with the German Navy at Kiel performed an experiment informed by information smuggled out of America about the Philadelphia Experiment.

The experiment was successful in masking the ship, but caused unintended side effect on the crew and opened an inter-dimensional portal that unleashed “something”.

The opening of the portal emitted a signal that was detected by allied scientists in Philadelphia, and its import relayed up the command chain.

Slim Pickings Or Bountiful Harvest? [Still in the works]

Your band of freelancers has gotten word of a massive space battle that will be over by the time you arrive to salvage what the warring parties left behind.

The Dire Druids of Delver’s Deep [Ready – needs polish/playtesting]

Delver’s Deep is a well known adventure location. In recent months, some mysterious druids have occupied The Deep, as it is known to locals. This order of druids wear black robes, and their tight lips have led to rumors and gossip about their real nature and purpose. It is “common knowledge” that they are an evil cult practicing human sacrifice. Like most villagers, they mind their business, hoping that is enough to protect them; yet are glad to take the coins from selling
supplies to the druids.

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