The kitchen & dining room

Fun With Cabinet Labels

My house had an infestation of grain weevils. So my son and his girlfriend, who have been living with me for the last couple of weeks took on the task of emptying all the cabinets and finding all the affected flour, etc. over the weekend.

When they put everything back, they rearranged and reorganized it, all with my prior approval. Heck, I didn’t have to do all that work, why should I mind?

So that my other, younger son, and myself would know where everything is, my son made labels on 3 x 5 cards and stuck them to the front of all the cabinets on the level of the shelf behind them. being my son, he had fun with the labels. I’m so proud!

The kitchen & dining room
The kitchen & dining room with contents of cabinets on tables.
Left Side: Tupperware Housing Co-Op Right Side: All Coasters have been EVICTED
Baking Bad (chemical agent storage)
Emulsion, Measurement & Containment (E=MC2) <- for short
Miscellaneous Containment Vessels of Minimal Stature
“There’s no food” Reality Check with Astronaut Milk (Ooblek Potential)
Poop Assistance Program (PAP)

Oatmeal and raisins…. Gives a whole new meaning to PAP smear….

Apocalypse Starvation Inhibitor Mechanically imprisoned calories Lipids & Stimulants (contingency coffee pot not Included)

Coconut oil & Coffee.

Essential Hitchhiker’s Equipment (Don’t Panic)

Do I need to explain that one?

Lots Available Adjacent to Oats Corner Large Containment Vessels & Fruit Torture Apparatus

LOL a box of oatmeal and a juicer.

Flavor Enhancement Modules & Nourishment Lubricators

Soy sauce and the like, and cooking oil.

Three Dimensional Heating Prisms {May, or may not contain Top-most Plane}

Pyrex casserole dishes.

Hot paFibrous Membranes of Heat Resistance Deflect all heat Damage from applied area for Duration of One Turn

Hot pads

Plethora of Utensils Which were denied residence in Kitchen Caddy
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