Gamehole Con 2016 – Registration Complete!

Well, I did it. I got registered for games at Gamehole Con. I didn’t pay attention and tried to do too many special events, so I didn’t get the Hobby Shop Dungeon. Well, maybe at GaryCon….

The list I have will keep me booked solid all day Friday from 10 am to midnight. I probably better make sure I’m well rested before then…..

Saturday I’ll be going from 10 am to midnight again with two games, but with a two hour break between them.

Sunday I’m in in two games from 10 am to 4 pm.

I thought about bringing stuff to run impromptu games, but not sure when I’d fit that in.

Here’s what I’m signed up for below. I hope I get to interact with those I so far only know from online. (With affiliate links to games at DriveThruRPG.)

Fri 10 AM – A Stay at the Warden Hotel – Metamorphosis Alpha by Jim Ward

Fri 02 PM – DGS Presents: One In the Gun, Four On the Floor – 2nd Ed Gamma World with Chad Parish (I only ever played 1st edition. I have a copy of 2nd edition I picked up a while back, will have to look it over. I can compare to a 1st edition copy I picked up.)

Fri 08 PM – Mythus Tower – Swords & Wizardry with Bill Webb (I played in Bill Web’s game at UCon last year and have a dwarf character he said can be used in any of his games, I just need to find it….)

Sat 10 AM – The Cave of Wisdom – AD&D with Luke Gygax

Sat 06 PM – Gaming & BS Presents: Relagul’s Quest & The Secret Temple of Bast – AD&D with Nicholas Abruzzo

Sun 10 AM – Escape From The Purple PlanetDCC with Jon Hershberger

Sun 12 PM – The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence – Crimson Dragon Slayer with Venger Satanis  (Never read this one or played. Something different to try. I’m sure the level of tiredness by Sunday afternoon will contribute to the hilarity.)

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