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Hex Kit – Kickstarter & Sale

+Cecil Howe is running a Kickstarter to add more tiles to use with Hex Kit. Today, he pointed out that with a GM’s Day sale, one can pick up Hex Kit on DriveThruRPG for $6.99 and then back the Kickstarter at the $10 and get the same value as the Kickstarter at the $20 option. As of this writing, there are 26 hours to go.

This was good timing, as I had planned to back this Kickstarter at the $20 level, since I didn’t have the original Hex Kit.

I already have Hexographer, and I backed the soon to be released Worldographer update to Hexographer, but at that price, another option for maps is affordable.

If you like maps, this might be something for you.

I’ll post a review once I make the time this weekend to play with it.

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Here’s the info from Cecil’s G+ Post, with edits to the links:

Hex Kit has less than 30 hours left on Kickstarter!!! Because of the GM’s Day sale at DriveThru you can pick up Hex Kit Fantasyland for 6.99, then back the Hex Kit Kickstarter for 10 bucks. That will get you the desktop app, Fantasyland tiles, and 3,000+ more tiles for 16.99!!

Hex Kit is a multi-platform, map painting tool that comes with hand-illustrated tiles. It does lots of really cool stuff: you can paint hex maps with a huge variety of detail, export your maps to print or save them to share with yer Hex Kit usin’ buds, store information about your world in the map, and even run a player facing version of the map on an auxiliary display. You can import your own custom tiles, as well as generate random maps.

Check out the Hex Kit Kickstarter here:

Check out Hex Kit: Fantasyland here:

Thanks everyone who’s backed the project so far! You’ve made a few nerds into very productive people.

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