Alliteration Though The Monster Manual, A to Z.

I play in a Roll20/Google Hangout AD&D first edition game. We recently started back and forth strings of alliteration in our online comments about write ups of our sessions, etc. I took it much farther than the others. One player posted a link to a poster of a blind monk on a blind beholder, to … Continue reading Alliteration Though The Monster Manual, A to Z.

Alliterative Appellations And Associations

Herein I examine the RPG affinity for Alliterative Appellations And Associations, used to name adventures, groups, modules, etc. An example is the iterations I went through to come up with a name for my submission to the 2015 One Page Dungeon Contest. Dark Druids of Delver’s Dell Devious Druids of Delver’s Deep Final -> Dire Druids … Continue reading Alliterative Appellations And Associations

Riffs On The Acronym D&D

Here’s another alliteration post with a specific bent. Dingoes & Didgeridoos Ducks & Duckponds (That’s a daffy idea….) Djinnis & Deserts (I wish there wasn’t so much sand!) Debutantes & Desserts (Sweet topic, perhaps a bit salacious.) Dithering & Digressing (This describes most parties trying to make a decision….) Detectives & Deductions (As opposed to … Continue reading Riffs On The Acronym D&D