Dragon Heresy – A Quick Review

+Doug Cole is running his long awaited Kickstarter for his 5e based RPG Dragon Heresy. Dragon Heresy is a Norse/Viking themed RPG. The Kickstarter is to get this starter set off the ground. It covers up to 5th level of play. As of this writing, the Kickstarter just hit the basic funding level, and is … Continue reading Dragon Heresy – A Quick Review

One Bookshelf Affiliate Sales Totals for 2017

I decided to take a look and see what my annual sales through my OBS (DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, & DMsGuild) links generated. In total, I earned $37.10 for 120 individual products. Six products had multiple sales. The big seller was five Hex Kit Volume 1: Fantasyland Tileset, [Affiliate Link] for use with Hex Kit [Affiliate Link]; … Continue reading One Bookshelf Affiliate Sales Totals for 2017


Here is a list of the RPG Related Kickstarters that I backed and their status. I will also post a link to my review of the item(s) once I post it. The December 2017 update article is here. My December 2016 Backed Kickstarter update article is here. Now that I have a page to track … Continue reading Kickstarters

OSR Converters

When converting between game systems, what types of things need conversion? Armor Class: Ascending/Descending or other. Monster Stat Blocks – # appearing, AC, HD/HP, etc. Coins – Is it gp or sp standard and what is the ratio of one type of coin to another? Distance – feet/yards/meters vs. indoor/outdoor, etc. Combat Tables – Within … Continue reading OSR Converters