Tell Me About Your Character – I Was Interviewed

I have the distinction of being the subject for the first episode of the third season of Tell Me About Your Character (TMAYC). TMAYC is an interview style podcast where +Steve Keller asks the right questions to get the context to help people share why their favorite character is their favorite.  I interviewed Steve about TMAYC … Continue reading Tell Me About Your Character – I Was Interviewed

Spell Slot Tracker For AD&D

I have written a lot on this blog about my favorite character, Griswald, from my brother Robert’s campaign. Griswald is a half elf Fighter/Cleric/Magic-User. As a character with two spell classes, it grew harder to track spells, levels, and details of each spell, so I came up with this simple, old school solution. Lots of … Continue reading Spell Slot Tracker For AD&D

Painting Hero Forge Mini – Part 1

Here are the in-process pictures of my painting efforts for my Hero Forge Miniature of Griswald, my representation of my favorite AD&D character, from my brother Robert’s AD&D campaign. While I was at it, I also painted my miniatures that I have had from back in the day and not yet painted. I began with … Continue reading Painting Hero Forge Mini – Part 1

Quad Ruled Desk Pads

Back in the mid to late 80’s I bought a quad ruled desk pad from an office supply store. That was back when desk pads and pen and paper were still the mainstay of business. I have only one sheet from that desk pad that holds the map to the town for Griswald, the longest … Continue reading Quad Ruled Desk Pads