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Alliterative Appellations And Associations

Herein I examine the RPG affinity for Alliterative Appellations And Associations, used to name adventures, groups, modules, etc.

An example is the iterations I went through to come up with a name for my submission to the 2015 One Page Dungeon Contest.

Dark Druids of Delver’s Dell

Devious Druids of Delver’s Deep

Final -> Dire Druids of Delver’s Deep

I have several posts of alliteration and acronyms.

My Group Name Generator does not rely on alliteration, but finding words to make the name alliterative can be a fun challenge.

Alliteration can be challenging to make a good one, but when it rolls off the tongue, it has a poetic/hypnotic quality that makes it stick in the mind.

Some people are better than coming up with alliterative phrases than I am. Sometimes I just get in a frame of mind that I find it easy to do a long list of them. Other times it is like pulling teeth to get them to come together.

I am sure there are those who can always come up with a fitting alliterative phrase without much effort.

I find the challenge to be fun, and makes me think of things in a way I had not before. I try to come up with them without resorting to a thesaurus, dictionary, or Google.

It is also a neat exercise to come up with one or two alliterative phrases to get the juices flowing when getting ready to write.

Alphabet of Emulations of D&D

I had to use my Thesaurus and then turn to the internet to get as many A-Z synonyms for dungeon as I could find. Some were a stretch, but X eludes me….

Asylums & Apparitions

Blackholes & Battlecruisers

Crypts & Centipedes

Caverns & Cavemen

Cells & Cellmates

Dungeons & Demi-Liches

Excavations & Ettins

Foundations & Firetoads

Gaols & Gargoyles

Hideouts & Hobgoblins

Igloos & Ice Lizards

Jails & Jackalopes

Keeps & Kobolds

Lockups & Lawbreakers

Mausoleums & Mummies

Nooks & Norkers

Ouiblettes & Owlbears

Prisons & Pirates

Pits & Piercers

Quarantines & Quasits

Racks & Rakshasas

Reformatories & Renegades

Stockades & Scoundrels

Tombs & Troglodytes

Towers & Trolls

Underground & Umber Hulk

Vaults & Vampires

Walls & Wights

X & Xvarts

Yards & Yardarms

Zones & Zombies




Riffs On The Acronym D&D

Here’s another alliteration post with a specific bent.

Dingoes & Didgeridoos

Ducks & Duckponds (That’s a daffy idea….)

Djinnis & Deserts (I wish there wasn’t so much sand!)

Debutantes & Desserts (Sweet topic, perhaps a bit salacious.)

Dithering & Digressing (This describes most parties trying to make a decision….)

Detectives & Deductions (As opposed to Investigators & Investigations.)

Dynamos & Dynamite (That’s a powerful combination. That’s a bad pun if you know the Greek root word….)

Dead & [Un]Dead (Yes, I cheated, it’s an exercise in creativity. How well can you do without a Thesaurus?)

Death & Damnation (Adventure in the afterlife? Sounds too hot for my taste.)

I got interrupted several times on one more that I thought would be cool, and the interruptions came just as I had the idea and before I could make a note of it. If I can remember what it was, I’ll add it. Since the string of interruptions won’t stop, I’ll call this enough….


Again Alliterative Acronyms

Adventurous Adventurers Adventuring

Belated Blathering Blogger

Caverns of Cavernous Creepy Canyons

Devious Devils Defenestrate

Eerie Echoes Enervate

Fiery Fiends Flatulate

Grumpy Giants Girate

Hairy Hermits Harass Haughty Heroes

Island of Irate Isolated Islanders

Here’s one I found mixed in my DM notes ( I don’t have any notes indicating if there was supposed to be more.):

Livid lizards licking livers

While wild wombats wobble

And arthritic antelope anticipate.