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How Many Shuffles?

I read an article way back in high school and it mentioned six shuffles of a standard deck of 52 cards for randomization.

However, this video lays out three ways of shuffling, the riffle shuffle, where you take half the deck in each hand an shuffle it together, the overhand stacking method, and just mixing them up on a table.

Seven riffle shuffles is the most efficient, so six isn’t quite there. Surprisingly, the overhand stacking method requires about 10,000 times to randomize the deck. One minute of mixing on the table is required for the last method.

I don’t play a lot of card games, but I do like things randomized so I get fair results.

I’m curious how many shuffles are needed for big decks or cards that come in some games. How many shuffles do they require? They have other videos that go into greater detail, I’ll have to watch those to see if they cover those larger decks.

I’ve played one game of Dungeon Solitaire, which uses a standard deck of cards. I keep getting interrupted every time I try to sit down and play another game. I also have backed the Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls, which has awesome art! I can’t wait to get it.

I also backed World Architect Cards, and I have a deck of the GameMaster’s Apprentice cards. While neither one is a stand alone game, it is desirable to have randomized results to minimize duplication.