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I am a contributor to Multiverse.

My presence on other blogs & channels.

I was interviewed on the Tell Me About Your Character podcast Season 3, Episode 1 April 24, 2017. [I interviewed Steve Keller on Multiverse here.]

Nerdarchy interviewed me for their Live Chat feature on July 12, 2017. See that episode here.

7 of the Best series on Multiverse. July 26, 2017

My blog was spotlighted by Jorphdan for the RPG Community Spotlight on October 2, 2017. See his video here. He really like my

My contribution for the Six of The Best series on Hero Press was published December 31, 2017. Read it here.

A blurb on my blog on Old School Gamers Radio. Published January 10, 2018.  [Disclosure: I backed the Kickstarter for this at a level to sponsor a video.]

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