Alliterative Appellations And Associations

Herein I examine the RPG affinity for Alliterative Appellations And Associations, used to name adventures, groups, modules, etc.

An example is the iterations I went through to come up with a name for my submission to the 2015 One Page Dungeon Contest.

Dark Druids of Delver’s Dell

Devious Druids of Delver’s Deep

Final -> Dire Druids of Delver’s Deep

I have several posts of alliteration and acronyms.

My Group Name Generator does not rely on alliteration, but finding words to make the name alliterative can be a fun challenge.

Alliteration can be challenging to make a good one, but when it rolls off the tongue, it has a poetic/hypnotic quality that makes it stick in the mind.

Some people are better than coming up with alliterative phrases than I am. Sometimes I just get in a frame of mind that I find it easy to do a long list of them. Other times it is like pulling teeth to get them to come together.

I am sure there are those who can always come up with a fitting alliterative phrase without much effort.

I find the challenge to be fun, and makes me think of things in a way I had not before. I try to come up with them without resorting to a thesaurus, dictionary, or Google.

It is also a neat exercise to come up with one or two alliterative phrases to get the juices flowing when getting ready to write.

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