147 Consecutive Sessions

Tonight is session 147 of the Wednesday night AD&D game I play in on Roll20.

We’re into our third year on the calendar too!

This will be the last game in my streak of not missing a game, as I will be at Gary Con 9 next week.

I’m the only player to have played in this many sessions, and with the same character since the start. A dwarf, now maxed out at enough XP for level 8 fighter, but not until he can gain a point of strength. There is a mad scientist type who has offered a risky chance at improvement…. That is on hold until after we save the world.

We’re in a dangerous situation tonight. Hoping to resolve it so I don’t miss the resolution….. (I’d rather my character die when it’s me rolling the dice.)

Looking forward to lots of game time next week/end!

I wrote an article about a year ago on session 100.

And I interviewed our DM.


Wow! We ended the session so close to achieving our goal. My dwarven fighter is keeping the monster occupied. Very tough, we’ve done a lot of damage to it, so far none of us are hurt. DM & other players nice enough to move the game to Tuesday night next week, so I won’t miss the game. All since my player has the greatest chance of death. AWESOME!!!

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