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Follow Me, And Die! by Del Teigeler

New Blog Header by Del Teigeler

Today I get to unveil a new blog header by +Del Teigeler! Check out his website here.

It is so awesome! I really enjoyed getting intermittent updates over the course of this project. I contacted him at about the same time I asked Satine Phoenix to do a new header and avatar for my online presence. Of course, Del has lots of other projects he had already committed to. He also asked me to let him work with only electronic tools, for the practice. You may have seen him share snippets of this image on G+. I think the end result is awesome!

This image totally represents my character, Griswald, hiring mercenaries to go fight the bad guys and orcs, and almost always all being killed. On the left you see the happy and dedicated hirelings ready for battle, and on the right the results of following Griswald into battle. Griswald stands in the center. You can learn about Griswald’s story here.

I’ll leave Del’s version as the blog header for a while, then I will set the existing headers to rotate. I’m torn about whether I should add any text to this image, I don’t want to cover anything.

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2 thoughts on “New Blog Header by Del Teigeler”

  1. Looks great. Thanks for the link to his site. His isometric dungeon is very cool.

  2. Del’s a great guy and very talented. We got to play together in a S&W game at UCon this past November. He also played in 2 of the 4 sessions I ran at UCon – Delving Deeper and Metamorphosis Alpha.

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