2017 Backed Kickstarters
2017 Backed Kickstarters 2017 Backed Kickstarters


My last Outstanding Kickstarters Update was just over a year ago, December 24, 2016. Sadly, over a year has not helped a few reach fulfillment. Here’s a big surprise, I’m still way behind on reviews….

For a list of which Kickstarters I’ve reviewed check here.

From the oldest to the most current outstanding Kickstarters for which I am waiting fulfillment, they are:

The Great Kingdom Kickstarter page is still shut down. They were supposed to actually go to trial this past spring, but I am so over it, I never bothered to follow up. $50 I wish I had so I could give it to the RPG History Project by Pat Kilbane. He’s funding his efforts via Patreon and is nearing the finish line.

City State of the Invincible Overlord had been making more or less monthly updates until September 28, 2017. The comments have exploded with angry people, many demanding their money back. This was a train wreck on two fronts. First they added miniatures and other physical rewards as stretch goals without adding in shipping. Some of the minis were delivered. The person hired to revise/re-write the book didn’t do it. Supposedly Bob Bledsaw III has been doing layout on a finished text. He has been cursed with the failings of many troubled Kickstarter creators, health issues, weddings, insect plagues, etc. Bob Bledsaw II said that this wasn’t a Judges Guild project even though there is a screenshot showing where it was stated to be one on the JG website. Bob Conley of Bat In The Attic is the one hired to do the maps, and his part is finished. He got permission to release his map(s) into the wild, now on DriveThruRPG [Affiliate Link]. Backers of this Kickstarter can get it for free, see the comments on the September 17, 2017 update.

The Marmoreal Tomb had some delays due to health of both creators, and some other unexpected delays. There are updates, but it is not as clear what is outstanding, nor how soon to completion. The last update was on 10/25/2017, but creators are active in the KS comments. Updates are posted regularly on Facebook. There is at least visible action on this. However, no date has been given, that I have seen, for projected delivery.

Top Secret: NWO was initially slated for delivery in November, 2017, but it got pushed to December, 2017. So far no word on what the new ETA is. Since the last day of December is a Sunday, I don’t expect to get it this year.

Stars Without Number: Revised Edition is way ahead of schedule. The final PDF is complete and in the hands of backers. The print run has been ordered and shipping has commenced. The GM screen and other minor things are still in the works, but I see no issues in full delivery ahead of the announced delivery date of February 28, 2018. Kevin Crawford is a stand up guy, and he takes his word seriously. He has a free PDF on DriveThruRPG that has an article about how he runs a Kickstarter. I wish EVERY RPG Kickstarter creator would read that and act on it before launch. Even non-RPG Kickstarters could learn a few things.

RPG WorldBuilder is an app using graphics from the worldbuilder cards. It is slated for delivery in December, 2017. The beta went out last week, and so far, it looks good. I have yet to put it through its paces.

Old School Gamer Radio: A D&D Resource funded October 1, 2017 and the website Old School Gamer Radio went live yesterday. I got my add on of a ball cap today. Most people have their rewards. I was one of the four top tier backers, and we are still waiting on our fulfillment, which should be soon. The live play has also gone live, with a pilot episode release today.

I have updated my Kickstarters page here on the blog that tracks the status of my Kickstarters. I also indicate which ones I have done a review, with a link to the review.

I added five reviews today, and a couple more in recent weeks. All since the last time I updated that page.

I have $684 in seven outstanding Kickstarters. Four of those launched in 2017, and the amount I have tied up in them is $444.

The total of all thirteen Kickstaters that funded in 2017 is $743. I am confident that the four outstanding from 2017 will deliver very soon. On top of that, I went for the $100 Stars Without Numbers Omnibus available to backers of the SWN 2e Kickstarter.

Only one Kickstarter that I backed in 2017 failed to fund because it became a train wreck, and was cancelled. It was supposed to be re-launched with more reasonable goals, but the train wrecks kept coming. This was the Empyrea Kickstarter. I doubt another attempt will be forthcoming.

I said it this time last year, that I would be unlikely to back more Kickstarters, but I obviously didn’t stick with that. Too much nostalgia or cool things. I had to add some monthly expenses that greatly limit my ability to consider new ones. Plus I added several very large volumes to my collection, and have more physical rewards in the wings. I am running out of room, and I am trying to downsize.

I will be much more picky about backing Kickstarters. I have to get serious about both downsizing and spending less on Kickstarters so I am able to attend conventions.

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  1. Interesting title considering there is nothing outstanding about these even f they are due. (If you get what I mean)

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