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Dragon Heresy – A Quick Review

+Doug Cole is running his long awaited Kickstarter for his 5e based RPG Dragon Heresy. Dragon Heresy is a Norse/Viking themed RPG. The Kickstarter is to get this starter set off the ground. It covers up to 5th level of play. As of this writing, the Kickstarter just hit the basic funding level, and is nearing double the base amount. There are three stretch goals, yet to be reached. More races, classes, and backgrounds; offset printing; and the big one – the production of the Deluxe Edition of Dragon Heresy, which is already written.

The Book of Foes

I received two PDFs of the working draft that is awaiting final edits. First I dug into The Book of Foes. This is basically the monster manual/bestiary. I really like the initial presentation that describes creatures as either obstacles or opposition. The section on How to Use This Book and Creature Behavior are great explanations that both new and experienced GMs can use to help get into the mind/motivation of creatures.

This covers the gamut from normal wildlife, monstrosities, elementals, fae, dragon kind, and undead. Every creature is described through the lenses of a northern/cold environment and a Norse flavor/mythology.  One finds an explanation for why these creatures make sense in this world.

Dragon Heresy Introductory Set

The second PDF is the Dragon Heresy Introductory Set. It goes into some of the same information as I already encountered in The Book of Foes. For example, vigor and wounds. Rather than a standard 5e system, Doug has added some complexity to make hit points more varied. Armor also negates some damage either by the nature of armor, or the ablative nature of wearing down an opponent’s armor. At a certain level of hit point loss, one begins to suffer wounds.

Doug’s last Kickstarter, The Lost Hall of Tyr, is a module in this setting. Some of the creatures and setting text are duplicated, but it just reflects the consistency of Doug’s presentation. Also his grappling rules, as presented in his first Kickstarter, Dungeon Grappling, have a place in this world. Both people and creatures/monsters have ways to grapple foes.

I reviewed his prior Kickstarters and backed both of them. I was going to pass on backing this Kickstarter, but I really like what I’ve seen in the PDFs Doug sent me. I like having the physical book to hold in my hands, so I’m going to chip in at the $50 level. Doug runs a top notch Kiskstarter and will give plenty of updates and deliver on time or early.

One of the tiers is $5 for a PDF of the combat rules for the standard three classes, wizard, cleric, and fighter for levels one and two. This lets you see his take on combat. He’s studied various martial arts, most recently re-constructed Viking fighting styles, which inform his take on grappling and combat in Dragon Heresy. If you are looking for a combined setting and rules for a Norse based RPG based on 5e, this is the one for you.

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  1. I really liked your initial explanations of how to use creatures. I don’t recall reading anything like that in any other monster manual/bestiary. If others have it, they didn’t say it the way you did.

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