My name is Larry Hamilton. I am a long-time gamer. I started with the Holmes Blue Box set of “Basic D&D” that only went to third level, back in March or April, 1977. I then moved on to AD&D, anxiously waiting as each book was released, reading every word as quickly as possible. An apartment I lived in had water damage, and the boxes where my stuff was got wet. I gave my Basic D&D set to my youngest brother, but still have the chipping dice. I also lost my DMG, MMI, and first edition Dieties & Demigods with Elric & Cthulu. Thankfully, my well-worn PH and my UA survived. I was in a LONG break from D&D and just barely touched on 2nd edition. I missed the 3rd edition & was getting back to fleshing out my never started campaign before 4th edition was released. I found DriveThru RPG and got PDFs of all the 1st  edition books, before WotC shut that down. I finally rebuilt my collection in the fall of 2014.

I also played & GM’d Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World. Other TSR offerings were Boot Hill, Gangbusters, and probably a couple others. I played Traveller, and bought Mega-Traveller, but never got a first game/campaign organized.

I was one of the founding members and first president of the Science Fiction Club at my high school in the early 80s. We played all kinds of roleplaying games and recommended lots of books to each other.

I also played board games like Avalon Hill’s “Waterloo”. My brother and I took turns being Napoleon and we each were tied at who won as Napoleon or Wellington. Another favorite was “Imperium”, and also “Risk”. I still have these in their original boxes, except “Risk”, the box fell apart & the dice got lost or were incorporated into my dice bag, but I have the board and all the pieces and cards. I also have a TSR board game by Tom Wham – The “Awful Green Things From Outer Space”.

I did have a subscription to Dragon Magazine from about issue 70 to about 200, if I recall. I sold those to my brother, but there were damaged, when the basement drain pipe backed up when the washing machine at our parent’s had a leak. (What is it with my stuff and water?)

I find the challenge of picking up the pieces on planning a campaign after leaving it aside about 15 years ago to be interesting, especially how much of it I remember.

I also recently renewed playing AD&D after a 15 year break,over Memorial Day weekend, 2009. We picked up in my brother’s game with a cliffhanger situation with my character. My character, Griswald, is one of the powerful people in the campaign, and is about ten years behind the time line of all the other characters. We did not resolve the situation, but now I know just how bad it is. Have you ever seen the movie “Zulu”? Hopefully we can resolve the situation, but since we live in different states, coordinating playing time is a challenge.

[Update: Griswald and his henchman, followers, and troops did enough damage to the invading orcs that they withdrew. Unfortunately, they withdrew in good order, after deciding they had lost too many of their own. Griswald was nearly out of spells and exhausted, as were his troops, so they could not pursue. Now Griswald is basically retired, but I would love to have time to go adventuring with him again.]

This blog combines my insights into RPGs and other games from the perspective of both a Player and GM.

See my Acronym and Terminology List for definitions of the acronyms and terms I use in my blog.

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