My Review Policy & Process

I started doing reviews on things I liked and used and things others mentioned that were new to me.

Now I am getting more requests to do reviews. To keep things organized, here is how I currently handle reviews. I will revise as needed.


First I will review those items from the Kickstarters I back. I am way behind on this, so I have been slipping in other reviews as they are requested.

What will I review?

  • I will review table top RPG related materials. My preference is for generic items that will help at the table, maps, and modules.
  • I will review full systems, but am not looking for a new game.
  • I would even review books in the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres.
    • I have a couple in mind, that are long overdue.


  • I can review PDFs and eBook formats.
  • I will review Android apps and program that help at the table, either for preparation or running the game.
    • NOTE: I don’t use apps at the table for running in-person games.
  • For physical materials, such as books, ship them to me at your expense.
    • If you want them back, include return shipping.

How long will it take?

  • It will depend.
    • Do you want a quick overview or an in-depth review?
    • How big is the thing you want me to review?
    • I have done a requested review of about 300 pages of a new RPG in a weekend when I had an open schedule.
  • I am a fast reader, but if it is a complete set of rules, I slow way down.
  • I am a fairly fast typist, but locating and adding links to your website(s) and product(s) can take time. If you send me all the links I need, it saves me having to do the research.
  • If you have a deadline, plan to get it to me well in advance of when you need it. Be clear up front that there is a deadline.
  • Send me the final product you want to review. The first thing I get is what I’ll review.
    • NOTE: I will review final drafts if it is requested and clear on that point. I have done this and had things I’d like to see added before the product was finalize.


I avoid reading other reviews until I finish my own review to avoid clouding my efforts.

How to get a better review?

  • Use spellcheck and grammar check and have it edited before it comes to me.
  • Chose a font that is easy to read.
  • Avoid background art that makes it hard to read.
    • For printed materials, avoid slick, shiny paper that makes it hard to read.
  • For PDFs have a hyperlinked table of contents and index.
  • Include reference sheets/summaries for rules and rules supplements.

Will I sign an NDA?

I have never been in that position, but it doesn’t make sense in the scope of a review. I suppose if you wanted a private review of something, I could do that.

Will I do paid reviews?

If the demand is there for my time, I may consider this. This would only be to obtain a spot on my priority list.  It would not prevent me from pointing out the issues I find. I will try to do so with a positive/constructive spin. I will always mention a complimentary copy, and if actually paid, will indicate that. In all cases, I ask for a link back to my blog.

How to contact me?

See my Social Media page here on the blog. You can private message me on my G+ account.

If you have a question not answered above, just ask.

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