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2017 In Review

2017 was quite the ride.

Internet/Social Media Stats

Only 73 blog posts for 2017. I have a total of 680 published blog posts. I have 26 posts in draft. Some just need to be deleted, and others I need to figure out what I was trying to say and finish the post. I’m not sure how many of them can be salvaged.

I started posting videos on YouTube and have 61 videos, and 97 subscribers. Most people are finding my channel via my series Roll20 For the Absolute Beginner. I finally got the right camera and editing software, when my computer died. That threw a wrench in the works that I haven’t gotten back into my stride. It took a lot of energy to get my new PC up and running, and I still have a lot I need to do.

I post on Twitter regularly, and am up to 388 followers.

I don’t post much on G+ if I’m not posting blog articles, but I’m up to 351 followers.

My Facebook page has 45 likes and 44 followers. I don’t promote Facebook as much as other media.

I have a Reddit account, but don’t post enough there to get a subreddit, I did switch to their new page, and posted there for a bit, but no traction there. I don’t care for how Reddit works. I understand it, but it’s so jumbled up and busy. I don’t like the interface.


I went to Gary Con, Grand Con, Gamehole Con, and UCon. I ran games at Gamehole Con and UCon.

I backed a ton of Kickstarters, see my Outstanding Kickstarter Update for details.

In 2018, I will go to Gary Con 10, and will be running games. I will go to Marmalade Dog, since it isn’t the same weekend as Gary Con, and run games. I will also go to UCon and run games. I will probably go to Grand Con. Not sure if I will run games.


I am still playing in the AD&D Wednesday night game on Roll20. We just hit session 183, and I still haven’t missed a session.

I have played a several sessions in a game ran on weekends by another player in our Wednesday night game.

Another player in the Wednesday game also has ran a few sessions on the weekend that I played in.


In addition to the games I have run at conventions, I started running a new area of my AD&D campaign world on Roll20 with some of the guys from Wednesday night. We got up to session 25 on December 10th. I had to take a break as this is my busy time of year at work and the non-stop all day long just fries my brain, and I just need a break. We’ll resume after January.

What’s to Come in 2018

I already started some of it. I am working to get a review published on the blog for every Kickstarter that has fulfilled. I did a bunch of easy ones for smaller products right at the end of December. So this backlog will be much smaller.

I will also do a review for every product I told people I would.

I would also like to post more often on other topics on the blog.

After my busy time of year is over, I will resume my Sunday afternoon AD&D game on Roll20. I might even open it up to a new player or two.

I resolved my transportation issue so I also plan to start running games at my FLGS Fanfare in Kalamazoo, after January. I’m not sure what day. I know it won’t be Wednesday or Sunday. I’m also not sure how many times a month. I’m considering dipping my toes into running 5e.

I will continue my efforts on YouTube. I have several more ideas for my Roll20 For The Absolute Beginner series. My list of other blog ideas will also keep me busy for a while. I hope to resume regular posting to YouTube in the new year.

I keep thinking that I’ll actually publish something on DriveThruRPG or other OBS site, or Lulu. I’ve got ideas, but nothing close to presentable so someone else can understand it. I won’t promise this anytime in 2018, and let it remain for some time in the future. Adding running a second game and doing the blog and YouTube is more than enough to keep me busy.

Life is good and I am happy and in a positive frame of mind, most of the time. I’ve had a lot of fun meeting people online, at cons, and seeing the joy and success of friends in the RPG world. This is a great time to be playing and talking about RPGs. I hope to continue the trend and have lots more fun and adventure!

[EDIT: I realized that I left out the times I was interviewed or featured by others. So here it now follows. I also added it to my Social page for ease of future reference.]

My presence on other blogs & channels.

I was interviewed on the Tell Me About Your Character podcast Season 3, Episode 1 April 24, 2017. [I interviewed Steve Keller on Multiverse here.]

Nerdarchy interviewed me for their Live Chat feature on July 12, 2017. See that episode here.

My blog was spotlighted by Jorphdan for the RPG Community Spotlight on October 2, 2017. See his video here. He really like my

My contribution for the Six of The Best series on Hero Press was published December 31, 2017. Read it here.