Alliterative Six Word Dungeons
Alliterative Six Word Dungeons Alliterative Six Word Dungeons

Six Word Dungeon – My Take

+Ben Milton challenged me, along with several others, to join in on the #SixWordDungeon over on Twitter.

I put my spin on it and came up with 26 alliterative six word dungeons. In the past, I’ve done other bits of alliteration here on the blog, including one A to Z list. See the other blog posts here.  Perhaps more six word dungeon fodder, Alliteration Through The Monster Manual. Well, some are only four or five words…

My list of Alliterative Six Word Dungeons

  • Artful aaracokra aids adventurers achieving aims.
  • Bawling behemoths brawling, brave bruising boulders.
  • Crowing cockatrices crave crawling cowards’ crowns.
  • Dour dwarves decimate devious duergar decisively.
  • Excited elves evacuating emerald eaves elegantly.
  • Fanatical faeries flaunt fluid flames fearlessly.
  • Grizzled gray gargoyles give grievous guidance.
  • Hairy harpies hasten horror, harrowing haiku. #FailedHaiku
  • Ingenious ixitxachitl ingesting inky ingots, incredulously.
  • Jousting jaguars jeering jauntily, jesters jealous.
  • Kangaroos, Koalas, Kraken Klang Killer Kazoo.
  • Lame lammasu lead lingerers long lost.
  • Masticating morose minotaurs munch meat mightily.
  • Nine naga near nine nearsighted norns.
  • One octopus oogling oozing orange orangutans.
  • Plaid paladin parades purple potentate parsimoniously.
  • Quaint queen quaffs quart quite quickly.
  • Rogues racing rouge reavers run ragged.
  • Sorcerer sending slimes seeking sonorous sapphires.
  • Terrible terrasque troubles troubador troupe timelessly.
  • Ungainly ukulele ultimately undoes unwise usurper.
  • Voluptuous vampire vaporizes violent vagrant vandals.
    Wizards wierding werewolfs wielding wondrous weapons.
  • Xerxes, xenophobic xenomorphs x-ray X-men’s xylophones.
  • Yon youthful yuan-ti yields, yet yells.
  • Zounds! Zen zombies’ zithers zoom zygotes.

26 alliterative six word dungeons is enough for one night.

Though not created in alphabetical order originally, all the alphabet is represented.

A nice brain teaser.

Other than looking up the spelling of aaracockra and ixitxachitl, I managed to avoid any other resource.



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4 thoughts on “Six Word Dungeon – My Take”

  1. Well done, especially for ixitxachitl!

    Some of these dungeons could do double-duty as personal ad headlines-

    “Sorcerer sending slimes seeking sonorous sapphires”

    Pretty much every one of them could be newspaper headlines, or one page each of a really warped children’s book.

  2. I hope you don’t mind. I wrote a post about books, words, word-games, and creativity on my Coiled Sheets of Lead blog and linked here to your use of Six Word Dungeons. Between zero and three people read my blog, but some of them might like reading your stuff.

  3. I certainly don’t mind. I am very much intrigued to see how a post for fun has had such a great reception. I hope it helps your blog gain traction also! Thanks!

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